Information for Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) practitioners

Environmental data for inclusion in the NMD

Before supplying environmental data (category 1 and 2), this must be drawn up according to the Assessment Method and according to the Validation Protocol. The Assessment Method describes the methodical LCA profile requirements for the LCA practitioner’s information. The NMD Verification Protocol describes the procedure for verifying data, as guideline for the recognised experts.

Additional requirements

For practical considerations, the Assessment Method incorporates various rules that may change in the interim without the Assessment Method being amended. For instance, for many standard processes Ecoinvent 3.5 is prescribed as data source in the Assessment Method, in addition to EN 15804. An adjusted set of characterisation factors is available for this and an inventory can be used to calculate the potential environmental impacts and indicators. Additional rules have also been developed per product category, often through associations of manufacturers and suppliers. These additional rules are known as Product Category Rules (PCR) and, under special conditions, these must be observed. Finally, for specific product groups, end-of-life scenarios have been developed for construction works and products. These can be used if no specific manufacturer data are available.

Data entry in the NMD

The National Environmental Database (NMD) is developed according to the NL-SfB and RAW system for both Civil and Utility Construction (C&U) and the civil engineering sector. It is important to be aware of the database structure so that the relevant product is entered in the correct decomposition level.

Verified data are entered in the NMD by the producer’s LCA practitioner or the LCA agency hired by the producer. All LCA practitioners known to Stichting National Environmental Database (Stichting NMD) have access to the online input application, via which data are added to the NMD. Changes to existing data are also entered via this system.

The input application can be accessed via login details. If the LCA practitioner does not yet have login details, we will provide these as quickly as possible after the data owner has notified us of the planned input. Stichting NMD has produced a manual for data entry and an input sheet, which is available via the website and the input application.

Mandatory documentation for category 1 and 2 data

The following documents must be uploaded via the online input application for inclusion in the NMD:

  • Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)/LCA report in accordance with the Assessment Method and the Verification protocol
  • A verification report of an EPD/LCA report verified by a recognised LCA expert
  • An input sheet with the relevant production information and environmental data

Mandatory documentation for category 3 data

The following documents must be uploaded via the online input application for inclusion in the NMD:

  • LCA report in accordance with the established format

Verification and publication

Verification of environmental data supplied for inclusion in the NMD must be carried out by a Stichting NMD recognised LCA expert. This person is responsible for completing the assessment tables included in the NMD Verification protocol. After entering the data, the LCA practitioner selects the desired recognised LCA expert in the input application. After verifying the report and the data entry, the recognised LCA expert then gives the green light for the data to be published in the NMD. Data in the NMD are updated every 24 hours.

An exception to this rule are data originating from the Stichting MRPI database. We have made agreements with them about initial verification under Stichting MPRI supervision, which means that the verification will be implemented by Stichting NMD employees prior to inclusion in the NMD.