Calculation tools

Calculation tools are online proprietary calculation software used to calculate the environmental performance of construction works based on environmental data in the NMD. The calculation tools validated by Stichting NMD for calculating environmental performance are stated below.

Gevalideerde rekeninstrumenten:
(validated calculation tools)

Calculation tool Tool owner Area of application   NMD version  
    B&U GWW    
GPR Materiaal W/E adviseurs V    3.0  
MPG Toetshulp Bimpact B.V V    3.0  

Netcompany/ Witteveen+Bos

  V  3.0  
MRPI-MPG Tool Stichting MRPI V    3.0  







Aspiring account holders are BCI Building, Madaster and Wisebrick, subject to validation. This will be finalised during January 2024. 

As of 1 January 2024, OneClick LCA is no longer among the NMD's validated calculation tools.

Calculation rules

Stichting NMD has formulated calculation rules to clarify and control how the Assessment Method should be converted into a digital instrument. The rules ensure that the calculation tools use a uniform calculation, which provides an unambiguous result for the energy performance of buildings. The calculation rules operationalize the Environmental Performance Assessment Method for Construction Works and are described in the document ‘Calculation rules for material-related energy performance of buildings’ (NL). There is also a document available that focuses on the implementation of the calculation tools in software: Calculation rules: Implementation of environmental performance calculation in software (NL)

Validation and licencing

Before receiving the ‘validated’ stamp, the calculation tools must be verified using a validation procedure; the NMD software validation guidelines. Stichting NMD uses this validation procedure to check whether the calculation rules have been used and whether the Assessment Method and the NMD have been implemented properly in the software.

After validation, the software developer and Stichting NMD sign a licencing agreement. Licencing entitles the software developer to apply the environmental data, for which there is a charge. The next step is to publish the validated calculation tool on the market, where the software developer become an instrument owner. Stichting NMD ensures that information about the instrument is included in the list at the top of this page. 


‘Calculation rules for material-related energy performance of buildings’ (NL) -
Calculation rules: Implementation of environmental performance calculation in software (NL) -

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