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Environmental Performance – Calculation tools

Does the NMD have its own calculation tools?

No, calculation tools are online proprietary calculation software used to calculate the environmental performance of construction works based on environmental data in the NMD. Stichting NMD has formulated calculation rules to clarify and control how the Assessment Method should be converted into a digital instrument. The rules ensure that the calculation tools use a uniform calculation, which provides an unambiguous result for the environmental performance of buildings.

I am a calculation tool owner and would like to use the NMD. What do I need to do?

Before receiving the stamp ‘validated,’ the calculation tool must be verified using a validation procedure. The NMD software validation guidelines. Based on this validation procedure, the NMD Foundation tests whether the calculation rules have been used and whether the Assessment method and the NMD have been properly implemented in the software.
For the use of the entire database there is a one-time entrance fee and in addition annual license fees are charged for the use and for updates of the NMD.

How does one go from a LCA/EPD to an MKI/MPG?

After drawing up an LCA and EPD these data can be added to the NMD, after verification. The environmental data in the NMD are used by several private companies that have developed calculation tools to make an Environmental Cost Calculation (ECI) or Environmental Performance of Buildings calculation. ECI and Environmental Performance of Buildings values can therefore only be made transparent using the calculation tools.

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