The Stichting NMD databases contain environmental data that are used to calculate the environmental performance of construction works. As well as the background process and basic profile database used by Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) practitioners, there’s also a product card database that we call the National Environmental Database (NMD).

The basic profiles and product cards are used in validated calculation tools to calculate the environmental performance of buildings and civil engineering structures. Together with the Assessment Method calculation rules, the same data set with product cards ensures identical core calculation across the different instruments and unambiguous calculation results.

Added value of having your product card in the NMD

The NMD is the database for calculating the environmental performance and circularity of construction works. Only when your product data has been incorporated in the NMD can users use the validated calculation tools to make calculations. According to the Building Decree, calculating environmental performance is mandatory in Civil and Utility Construction (C&U). In civil engineering, clients are increasingly including environmental performance as award criterion in their tenders.

Conditions for product cards in the NMD

The product cards in the NMD are supplied by manufacturers and sectors and are based on LCA environmental data. For inclusion in the NMD a product always undergoes an LCA in line with the Assessment Method. A recognised expert then verifies the data using the Verification protocol. If all goes well, the data can be included in the NMD, after which you pay a subscription towards database management.