Non-Dutch LCAs in the NMD - information for producers

This page includes information that should be taken into account during the LCA process and the process for including a construction product in the NMD.

Dutch situation

The LCA for construction products in Europe is underpinned by EN 15804 (A1 +A2:2019). This standard sets the guidelines for implementing the LCAs.

The environmental impact of a construction product is calculated using a life cycle analysis (LCA). The results of these calculations are documented in Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs). EPDs are collated internationally via Ecoplatform and are often required during tenders.

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For the Dutch situation, the Netherlands requires more details than only the EN 15804 standard and uses the Assessment Method for this. This makes it different from other European countries.

The differences mainly concern the various goals for using the LCA results. The Assessment Method focuses on:

  • the LCA calculation for including the environmental profile in the NMD and less on obtaining an EPD/LCA for communication
  • the Dutch situation and indicates standard values for this as well as calculation scenarios.

An LCA based on Dutch requirements is suitable for use in the rest of Europe. The reverse is not the case, which is why it is a good idea to take this into account early on when compiling an LCA. This avoids having to redo all or part of this process.

Step-by-step plan for entry in the NMD

There is a standard process to have products included in the NMD. However, depending on the starting point, the route to the NMD can differ considerably.

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No EPD or LCA compiled as yet

If you have not yet compiled an LCA or EPD, you can take the additional Dutch requirements into account at an early stage. An LCA/EPD is not only suitable for use in the Netherlands but also in the rest of Europe. If you still do not have an LCA advisor, you can contact VLCA to find a Dutch expert for advice or to have an LCA compiled.

VLCA members stay up-to-date on national and international developments and remain in good contact with LCA implementing bodies in Europe. 

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Modifying an LCA/EPD

The verification checklist can be used when modifying an LCA/EPD.
This clearly specifies the requirements that must be met for inclusion in Stichting ERPI and Stichting NMD. The producer/manufacturer can ask an LCA expert to make the modifications within their own network/country with support from a Stichting NMD recognised verifier. The alternative is for the changes to be made by an LCA expert already familiar with the Dutch system. In the latter case, an additional party will be needed to implement the verification.
To make the process as easy as possible, it is important that all background information (inventory, LCA models) associated with the original LCA/EPD is made available. 

Use of other databases than EcoInvent

Dutch LCAs are compiled using EcoInvent data, while other databases are also common in Europe. There are various differences between these databases that result in inconsistencies between product groups and impact categories. This means that no fair comparison can be made between the various databases and there is no generic solution for including LCAs produced using other background databases.
EPDs/LCAs that are included in the NMD must, therefore, be compiled using EcoInvent. Any LCAs compiled using another database will unfortunately need to be recompiled.