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Environmental Performance – Circularity

How does NMD respond to the increasing interest in circularity?

Besides data on the environmental impact of construction products (environmental performance), from 1 January 2021 the NMD will also include data on the underlying parameters from a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) report, such as material flows in kg (including secondary material input and output, material for recycling, material for reuse), the amount of renewable energy used and water consumption in the chain.
NMD is also informed of the latest developments in this area and we are involved in various research studies.

Does the MKI/MPG value give an indication of the circularity of a product?

The Environmental Performance of Buildingsas value of the environmental performance of buildings does not, in itself, give any indication of a product’s circularity. The EPB value is a 1-point score of a building/structure’s environmental performance, assessed in line with the Environmental Performance Assessment Method for Construction Works. This value therefore provides an indication of the effect of the circular strategy on environmental performance. Stichting NMD is currently conducting research into indicators of circularity so that it can express circularity numerically using an LCA report in addition to the Environmental Performance of Buildings value.

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