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What are the advantages of listing products in the Dutch Environmental Database? And how does it work? Choose one of the topics you want to learn more about below.

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Step-by-step plan for registering environmental data

1. Company or sector asks an LCA practitioner to conduct a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

If an LCA has not yet been formulated for your product in accordance with the Assessment Method, the first step is to have this assessment conducted by the LCA expert of your choice.

For an overview of LCA experts, see

You can find more information about the LCA on the Environmental data page


2. Company or sector registers data entry with Stichting NMD

When you register your data, you are agreeing with the NMD Conditions of Use and General conditions. Costs are associated with registering data in the NMD. To ensure that invoicing runs smoothly, it is important that you send your invoicing details (company name, name of contact person, telephone number and e-mail address) to before entering any data. It is also important that you indicate which LCA practitioner will enter the data so we can provide the login details for the input module.

Download the terms of use and general conditions

3. LCA practitioner enters the environmental data and LCA file in the NMD input module

All LCA practitioners known to the NMD have access to the online input application via which data are added to the NMD. You can find more information on the LCA practitioner page. This system is also used to make changes and these can be made by data owners’ LCA practitioners (company or sector). If the LCA practitioner  does not yet have login details, we will provide these as quickly as possible after registration. The data entry is completed as soon as the data and the file are registered for verification by a recognised LCA expert. 


4. Recognised LCA expert verifies the data and the report

The verification of the entered environmental data must be carried out by a Stichting NMD recognised LCA expert. This LCA expert is responsible for entering and uploading the verification report in accordance with the NMD Verification protocol. You can find more information about the content of this verification on the Verification page.
If the data do not meet the NMD Verification protocol requirements, the LCA coordinator  must ensure that the LCA report and data entry are in order before resubmitting these for verification, until the data do comply.

Read more about recognised LCA experts

5. Data are published in the NMD

If the entered data and the LCA file comply with the NMD Verification protocol, the recognised LCA expert then gives the green light to publish the data. The data will be available for use in the calculation tool the next day. The database is updated every 24 hours. You can find more information about the NMD content on the Database page.

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Invoicing data registration details

When you register data, you agree to the NMD terms of use and the General terms and conditions. There are costs associated with registering data in the NMD. In order for invoicing and communication to run smoothly, it is important that you enter your data in the form below your data for invoicing (company name, invoicing address, name of contact person, telephone number and e-mail address). It is also important that you indicate in the form which LCA practitioner will take care of the data entry, so that the login details for the data entry module can be provided.



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