What is Environmental Performance (MPG/ECI) in constructionworks?

The environmental performance indicates the environmental impact of materials used in a structure in the form of a single-score indicator. Setting a single score indicator makes the environmental performance of different structures more comparable. The lower this score is, the lower the environmental impact is. The environmental performance is used, among other things, as a requirement in building regulations, for sustainable procurement and certification such as BREEAM-NL and GPR Gebouw.

How is environmental performance established?

A life cycle assessment (LCA) measures environmental impacts across all life phases of a product (or service) and results in an environmental profile. This environmental profile consists of 19 scores on different environmental impact categories and is in the form of an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) without sensitive information in the "Dutch Environmental Database".

An environmental performance calculation is performed according to the Assessment Methodology for Building Works, which is based on European standard EN15804. The Environmental Performance of Building (MPG) is a summary of the above 19 impact category scores into a single score used in the B&U sector. Each environmental impact category has been assigned a weighting within this score according to how heavily it counts in the total environmental impact of the product concerned. The unit in which the MPG is shown is euros per square metre of gross floor area (GFA) per year.

Where is environmental performance used?

In Civil Engineering, the Environmental Cost Indicator (ECI) is used to indicate the environmental performance of a structure. This score has the unit euro per product and is determined in a similar way to the MPG.

The environmental profiles located in the Dutch Environmental Database are used by validated calculation tools to determine the environmental performance of various structures. This environmental performance is ultimately used for various purposes; compliance with the Building Decree 2012 (for the C&U sector), sustainable procurement of new office buildings, sustainable procurement of GWW works, MIA/VAMIL (fiscal financing schemes) and certification of sustainable real estate according to BREEAM-NL and GPR Gebouw.

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