Update processing scenarios May 2024 

A summary of standard values for processing scenarios of building products is published on the NMD website. This overview will be updated based on current construction practice. A new version will be available from 6 May 2024 and will apply immediately for new LCAs. 

Monday 6 May 2024

An end-of-life processing scenario is a percentage breakdown according to the processing options of a building product. Processing options include landfill, incineration, recycling (whether or not after reprocessing) and reuse. Depending on the specific scenario and the efficiency of the recycling process, more or fewer materials are released for recycling which can help reduce the environmental impact of construction. 

In May 2024, the list of construction products was expanded to include three scenarios: 

Coolant R-134a and propane, Coolant Di-ethylene glycol and Electronic components. 

Update processing scenarios May 2024
Bijlage: Forfaitaire waarden verwerkingsscenario's einde leven -