Dutch policy

Circular construction and Buildings Decree

The circular construction topic is a high priority on various agendas in the Netherlands. For instance there are all kinds of pilot projects and projects, there is the national government’s construction transition agenda and the ‘Circular Construction 2023’ platform. And this is necessary because the Netherlands aims to have a 100% circular economy by 2050, and must already be around 50% circular by 2030.

As a major user of materials this can have a huge impact on the construction sector. The construction and infra sector
will need to make a major contribution to achieving this. The 2012 Building Decree affects every building project, and that certainly applies to a circular building. Complying with the 2012 Building Decree is a challenge for some circular projects, or is at least a focus point. This white paper (NL) explains the relationship between circular construction and the 2012 Building Decree.

Green Deals

Green Deals are concrete initiatives for green growth in which the government and society cooperate interactively from the start. The central idea is that the government facilitates and accelerates initiatives by removing bottlenecks that can occur in the area of legislation and regulations, lack of market incentives, innovation and network-forming. The Green Deal approach is an instrument within the Green Growth policy. The government offers support for Green Deals.

Green Deals that have a relationship with the environmental performance of buildings and civil engineering works are:

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