Example projects with very good environmental performance

Wooden residential building with 29 circular apartments



In Pijnacker, Revolve Development is developing a residential building with 29 apartments. The project has been named 'Knoest' and is part of the new residential area De Scheg in Pijnacker. Energy efficiency and low environmental impact are characteristic of the district, as are biodiversity and climate adaptation. With an MPG of 0.372, Knoest stands out in the already sustainable neighborhood. The basis for this low MPG is, on the one hand, the use of wood and, on the other, the application of a large number of building products with category 1 and 2 environmental declarations.

Revolve Development is a new subsidiary of Janssen de Jong Projectontwikkeling. Revolve founders Alma Krug and Tom van der Horst were allowed to apply their own vision of project development in De Scheg for the first time.

Alma Krug: "Revolve Development started in November 2022 with the premise of building sustainable housing. The management of Janssen de Jong Projectontwikkeling, owner and area developer of De Scheg, believed that our vision fitted perfectly with the plans for De Scheg and offered us the opportunity to realize our first project here. As a result, we were not dependent on tenders and long lead times and were able to set the bar high from the start. It gave us room to experiment with wood construction. We are doing it together with other JAJO units. Van Zanten Bouw is responsible for execution, PVVT provides the wooden facade, while New Horizon lays the foundation and first floor. This allows us to build sustainable references and achieve efficiency in our circular chain."


The name "Knoest" makes it clear that the use of wood is characteristic of the project. Alma: "Revolve's payoff is: 100% happiness, 0% CO2. In all our projects, experience, customer satisfaction and happy building users are the starting points. In addition, we are 100% committed to fighting global warming. This is why we have signed the Paris Proof Commitment and always aim to achieve an MPG score of 0.4 or lower. We do this by applying circular and biobased materials, preferably wood construction, which stores CO2. This was also the starting point at Knoest. We selected an architect (Urban Climate Architects) who shares the same vision and has knowledge and experience in designing in wood and circular materials. This was a must. At an early stage we brought in DGMR with MPG & BCI calculations to demonstrate whether our choices actually lead to the intended impact."

Project feactures  
Project name Knoest
Adress Torenmolen, Pijnacker (nabij Vlielandseweg 139)
Use function residential building with 29 apartments over 5 layers
Gross floor area 3225 m2
Building service life at least 75 years
Client Revolve Development | a JAJO Company


Start of contruction 2024
Realisation Van Zanten Bouw | a JAJO Company 


Design features

Foundation in-situ concrete foundation beams, C30/37, including reinforcement and EPS (cat.3),
foundation piles, prefabricated piles (cat.3)
Main support construction KLH CLT solid wall and floor (cat.1)
ground floor flooring

Urban Mining Concrete 50 (cat.1)

Upper flooring, balcony KLH CLT solid floor (cat.1); Derix X LAM CLT, with returns system (cat.1)
Exterior walls KLH CLT sollid wall (cat.1)
Exterior wall openings meranti exterior window frames, sustainable forest management, NBvT (cat.2); triple-insulation glass, uncoated, Bouwend Nederland Vakgroep Glas (cat.2)
Flat roofs 2-layer modified citumen, loose laid incl. ballast, St. Roof and Environment (cat.2)
Interior walls constructive KLH CLT solid wall (cat.1)
Interior walls insulated load-bearing HSB interior wall elements sourced from sustainably managed forests (cat.2); interior frames made of steel (cat.3) and interior doors made of wood from sustainably managed forests (cat.3).
Interior walls non-structural wooden non-load-bearing interior wall, HSB prefab, sustainable forest management (cat.2); cladding system walls with plasterboard (cat.3); interior frames steel (cat.3); interior doors wood (cat.3); fire-resistant interior doors Van Vuuren-Pico (cat.1);
Installation Underfloor heating (cat.3); VLA Ventilation system type D WTW + heat pump (cat.3); shower drain with WTW
Drains sewers recycled PVC (cat.3)


calculated with GPR-Material version 5, product database NMD, version 3.0, product database August 2, 2023

A Production phase 43.771 0,181
A Constructions phase 8.982 0,037
B User phase 32.004 0,132
C Abandonment phase 21.777 0,090
D Out of building life demolition -16.532 -0,068




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