NTA 8713 Reuse of steel meets a need

Biopartner5 in aanbouw op het Leiden Bio Science Park met gebruik van donorstaal uit het Gorlaeus-gebouw. Bron: Popma ter Steege Architecten. Foto: René de Wit.
Wednesday 18 October 2023

An important step was taken in June this year to promote steel reuse in the Neterlands. In cooperation with various market parties, the State Property Agency (Rijksvastgoedbedrijf) and Building with Steel (Bouwen met Staal) have developed an NTA (Dutch Technical Agreement) on structural steel reuse. It concerns the reuse of steel for the same or a similar function. Compared with recycled steel, reuse yields a significant environmental gain, which is reflected in the MKI calculation.

The main dilemma of reused steel is whether the structure meets the safety requirements. Reused steel should meet the same safety requirements as new steel in its new use. "The NTA helps draw up an inspection document to check whether the steel to be reused complies with the Buildings Decree and NEN-EN 1993," reports Jan Pieter den Hollander, the NTA's rapporteur. "NEN-EN 1993 stands for Eurocode 3, the design and calculation of steel structures. By taking the Buildings Decree and the Eurocode as the foundation for the NTA, we can plausibly demonstrate compliance with building regulations. In the NTA, we not only name which steels are covered by the NTA, but also which steels are excluded from it, such as fatigue-loaded steels."

That the NTA meets a need is evident from the registrations for the course organised by Building with Steel on the subject. "We held the first course immediately after the summer and it was quickly fully booked" reports course organiser Mic Barendsz. "The two-day course not only covers the NTA and the preparation of an inspection document, but also discusses practical examples of and experiences with reclaimed steel. We are now busy following up the first course."

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