Thursday 5 October 2023

The Minister of the Ministry of Home Affairs informed the Dutch Parliament in writing about the steps to be taken to make the construction of homes and other buildings more sustainable. For new homes, the environmental performance requirement for buildings will go from 0.8 to 0.5 from 1 January 2025. This means a lower environmental impact. For new offices, the requirement will be 0.85 where it is currently 1.0.

On 1 January 2025, a revised version of the Assessment Methodology will be assigned in the building regulations for calculating environmental performance. This is in line with the revision carried out for the underlying European calculation method (called EN15804). The NMD is working hard on this among other things by going from 11 to 19 environmental impact categories.

View the letter of parliament "Standardisation of circular construction and standardisation of demand for sustainable housing"

So more category 1 and 2 environmental declarations in the database is becoming increasingly important! Currently, the Blanc Spots compensation scheme is still running. Are you a manufacturer of a building product? Then see if you can claim this reimbursement. 

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