Featured: category 1 environmental declaration – Bosch Beton retaining wall


The L retaining wall is a sleek model without buttresses. The minimum height of the retaining wall is 50 cm with the maximum height being 300 cm. A height of 300 cm to a maximum height of 600 cm falls outside this environmental declaration.

Supplier Bosch Beton
Product components Bosch Beton standard reused concrete mortar retaining walls,
Bosch Beton standard reused reinforced steel
Functional Unit (FU) per metre assuming a wall of 150cm in height
Lifespan 50 years
ECI per FU 10.1704
Scalable yes

What does Bosch Beton do?

‘Bosch Beton is an ambitious family company that produces concrete retaining walls from its state-of-the-art factory in Barneveld and sells these in the civil engineering and agricultural sectors.’

What was the reason to include your product in the NMD as a category 1 environmental declaration?

‘Sustainability and innovation are high on our agenda so we can minimise our own and our customers’ footprint. We are working towards 100% circular production of our retaining walls in the future. “Building a solid future” is our promise to our customers. That’s why we are the first retaining wall supplier in the Netherlands to have a verified Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) conducted on our retaining walls. A logical next step was the inclusion of environmental declarations in the National Environmental Database.’

In which project is the product used? Does the ECI value play a role in this?

‘Bosch Beton worked with Dura Vermeer Infra Regional Projects on the ‘Standardised Platforms’ (PON) project for ProRail. Bosch Beton supplied the retaining walls for this. The ‘Standardised Platforms’ project is ProRail’s biggest station contract. Almost all platforms that need replacing (around seventy), fall under one framework contract. During the tender, ProRail stimulated maximising the use of sustainable concrete. ProRail used the Environmental Cost Indicator (ECI) to measure and monitor how the parties achieve their ambition of using as much sustainable concrete as possible.’

Are there plans to further reduce the product’s environmental impact? And if so, with respect to which environmental impact?

‘We are working towards 100% circular production of our retaining walls in the future. We expect that we’ll be able to market a new concrete mix within five or ten years that will enable us to reduce carbon emissions by 50%.’

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