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The LCA consultant and recognised LCA expert

We explain in short the difference between an LCA preparer and a recognised LCA expert.

Friday 17 May 2024

Within the world of construction, there are an enormous number of terms used interchangeably. Many terms that have the same meaning. LCA Advisor, LCA performer, LCA drafter, LCA expert, LCA reviewer, recognised LCA expert.... Which terms do we actually use...?


An LCA-practitioner is primarily concerned with preparing a life cycle analysis (LCA). Thus, the practitioner collects data provided by a producer or supplier. The producer or supplier itself appoints this LCA- practitioner. The LCA-practitioner may come from within its own organisation or from outside, such as employees of specialised consulting firms, click here for an overview of LCA companies, active in the Association of LCA (VLCA) or where approved LCA experts work. 

Other terms implying the same are: LCA-consultant, LCA-performer

Find an LCA-practitioner here


 Recognised LCA expert

The recognised LCA expert tests the environmental data. This assessment is carried out on the basis of the NMD Assessment Protocol. This assessor is an independent third party for the producer or supplier. The LCA expert is appointed by the NMD Foundation and is listed on the List of Approved LCA Experts.

Other terms implying the same are: LCA expert, LCA reviewer, LCA assessor

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