Danielle Bakx - project consultant

A world liveable for people and nature that we can pass on to future generations. Unfortunately, it is not a given fact and is increasingly resonating in our daily lives.
So it is time for a smarter and more sustainable way: a climate-neutral circular economy. And that in a beautiful sector like construction! That is what I like to work for.
I can put my background in communications and previous work experience in a government organisation and on the commercial side of construction to good use in my role as project leader at NMD.
The daily challenge I see is to quickly see through sometimes quite difficult sustainability issues and find the most effective way to tackle them. In doing so, it helps to keep the higher goal in focus.
And I consider it an important role to also be a connector between players at policy and practice level.
In the spare hours, I like to spend time making my own music and wear out a lot of podcasts, film, series and documentaries.

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