Netherlands Policy Committee on Environmental performance (BMNL)

Eighteen parties are represented in the BMNL, divided into three groups, clients (public and private), data suppliers (industry suppliers) and data users (architects, engineers, software tool/calculation tool owners, builders and installers).

The BMNL advises on the Assessment Method and content aspects of the NMD system and safeguards the NMD’s independent and unique role with respect to energy performance of buildings or civil engineering structures in the construction sector. BMNL represents the interests of various stakeholders, working together towards a cohesive and consistent system. BMNL has the right to consent on such things as rates, the annual plan, licences and the Assessment Method (following consultation with the Ministry of Economic Affairs). The Technical Committee (TIC) advises the BMNL and comprises experts acting in their personal capacity.

In order to carry out its tasks, it is important that the committee has a balanced composition and that its members are competent and knowledgeable. The TIC chairperson attends committee meetings in an advisory capacity to ensure a good links between BMNL and the TIC. The committee members should represent a support base and are appointed for a period of three years. Reappointment is possible. The committee members have to sign a confidentiality agreement if confidential product data are discussed in the committee. An independent chair has been appointed to safeguard meeting efficiency and prevent a conflict of interests. BMNL meets four times a year in the first instance. A decision will be taken later this year as to whether this is sufficient.


BMNL members  
Clients (6)  
Aedes D. Derksen
Neprom R. Koolen
Rijksvastgoedbedrijf C. Ririassa
Rijkswaterstaat M. van der Klauw
Unie van Waterschappen H.J. van Meer
Users (6)  
BNA C. Verkuijl
Bouwend Nederland H. Visser
Koninklijke NL-Ingenieurs P. Peters
Koninklijke OnderhoudNL A. van den Berg
Techniek NL R. van Dinther  (deputy B. Karstenberg)
Vereniging van Instrumenteigenaars i.o. J. Mak
Suppliers (6)  
Betonhuis E. Vermeulen
Centrum Hout E. de Munck
FME Robert van Beek
Koninklijke Metaalunie P. van der Mars
NRK Bouw H.E.M. Schutjes
NVTB N. Ruijter
Chair H.M. Nieman (interim)
Observers Jos Verlinden
  Harry van Ewijk


Technical Committee (TIC)

The TIC members are experts. The aim is for a maximum of 8-10 members, at least 60% of whom are experts in LCAs for buildings and civil engineering structures. The remaining 40% will be filled by representatives with Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and/or Energy Performance of Buildings (EPB) knowledge from construction sector parties. The members and chairman will be nominated by the Environmental Policy Committee based on competencies. The TIC meets three to four times a year. TIC members contribute knowledge but also benefit from their direct involvement through knowledge exchange. The committee members are not paid to attend these regular meetings. However, a budget will be available to hire personnel for execution of specific regular tasks. Projects may also be formulated in a project plan and funded separately.

The current members of the TIC are:

VLCA p/a SGS Mr. H.A.L. van Ewijk (chair)
Nederlands Instituut voor Bouwbiologie en Ecologie B.V. (NIBE) Mr. R. Scholtes
Rijkswaterstaat Mr. G. Schweitzer
Vereniging Koninklijke Nederlandse Bouwkeramiek Mr. A. Mooiman
W/E adviseurs Mr. D.A.F. Anink
TNO Ms E.E. Keijzer
LBP Sight Mr. R.A. Kraaijenbrink
Ingenii Bouwinnovatie Mr. P. Kuindersma
Provincie Noord-Holland Mr M. Weening
PRé Mr M. Oele (agenda member)
Stichting National Environmental Database Mr T.D. de Boer (secretary)