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Wij vertellen graag meer over hoe het MPG stelsel in elkaar zit, over LCA’s en duurzaam bouwen of hoe de Nationale Milieudatabase werkt. Bekijk hieronder een selectie van onze interviews en presentaties.  Wilt u graag meer weten of een interview of presentatie aanvragen? U kunt dit doen door het formulier onderaan de pagina in te vullen.


Interview with Duurzaam Gebouwd

‘NMD must become the platform for circular construction’
Stichting National Environmental Database (NMD) aims to provide a national platform by 2023 that offers uniform measurement of circular construction performance. The project ‘DigiGo’ should contribute to this.
> Read Jan-Willem Groot’s and Tom de Boer’s interview with Duurzaam Gebouwd in June 2021 (NL)

Interview with Solar magazine

Solar panels are largely absent from the National Environmental Database: manufacturers must invest in new product-oriented environmental data.
> Read Jan-Willem Groot’s interview with solarmagazine.nl in May 2021 (NL)

Interview in Betere Gebouwen

Although he has only been Director of Stichting National Environmental Database (NMD) since the start of this year, Jan-Willem Groot is very clear on the challenges he faces in the coming years. ‘My most important task is expanding our database and using IT to make it even more accessible’, he stated.
> Read Jan-Willem Groot’s interview with Betere Gebouwen in March 2021 (NL)

Interview Bouwkwaliteit in de Praktijk

In line with the updated European EN 15804 standard, the number of environment impact categories in the environmental performance calculation expanded from eleven to nineteen on 1 January 2021. Circularity plays a huge role in this. As well as being able to divide the CO2 impact into GWP (Global Warming Potential) fossil and GPW biogenic indicators, recycling and product reuse can also be valued more explicitly against the environmental performance calculation’, stated Jan-Willem Groot, who succeeded Harry Nieman on 1 January 2021 as Director of the National Environmental Database (NMD). NMD facilitates circular construction.
> Read Jan-Willem Groot’s interview with Bouwkwaliteit in de Praktijk in February 2021 (NL)

Interview SteilDak

‘National Environmental Database (NMD) is taking new steps towards “base camp”’

Interview with Jan-Willem Groot, Harry Nieman and Tom de Boer in the specialist journal steilDAK (NL)

February 2021




‘Will construction succeed in becoming circular in time? Although he sometimes has some concerns about that almost unanswerable question, Harry Nieman, who recently became director of the much-criticised National Environmental Database, is doing everything he can to make this happen.

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‘If Blok hadn’t moved to the Justice department, I think things would have gone differently.’ And: ‘Municipalities are burying their heads in the sand.’ These are just two statements from frontman Harry Nieman about the Quality Assurance Act for Construction that ran aground in the Senate a fortnight ago. 

You can read this interview on Cobouw. If you do not yet have a subscription, register for a free trial subscription now to access five free articles per month (NL)


Harry Nieman spoke about the Energy Performance of Buildings (EPB) at the TVVL webinar on 15 September 2020. He talked about such things as the impact installations have on the EPB, how the EPB will measure circularity now and in the future and the NMD’s role in this.
> The TVVL webinar from 15 September can be viewed here (NL)
There was also an opportunity to ask questions during this webinar.
> These have been collated and can be downloaded here as a PDF  (NL)


Harry Nieman, Director NMD: ‘Improve your profile by entering your sustainable product in our database’
Stichting National Environmental Database (NMD) is a vital link in making construction sustainable and circular. The database and Assessment Method managed by NMD are playing an increasingly prominent role in clarifying environmental performance. 
Read the entire interview on circulairebouweconomie.nl


Harry Nieman spoke at the expert webinar on 2  April about wood construction, advantages and facts.

You can view this webinar here: 
Architect Boris Zeisser, Harry Nieman from the National Environmental Database and Jan Oldenburger from Probos talked to Het Houtblad’s chief editor Jan Maurits Schouten about constructing with wood.
View the 2 April webinar here.


Harry Nieman was interviewed by the magazine Roofs in March 2020 about the NMD’s role. Read the interview here (NL)


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