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New development project for the NMD viewer

Since May 2021, the productcards in the National Environmental Database can be viewed via our Viewer. This application allows you to view data from many productcards without having to use a calculation tool. As we are going to make some improvements in the coming period, the viewer will temporarily go offline.

We are working hard behind the scenes to renew and optimise the database and viewer. For example, the new release of the viewer will show data on input and output streams, such as raw materials used in the production phase and waste streams at the end of a product’s life. The circularity indicators – needed for application of the MIA/Vamil scheme – will then also have a place. New category 3 cards are supported with a report, these will start to be integrated in the new version of the viewer. This faster and improved viewer will be released in 2023.

The first step towards the new version of the viewer is to update the current viewer. Therefore, a short development track is now in progress. Lately the viewer did not display the current status of the NMD, so recently published product maps that are in the NMD and also just usable in the calculation tools could not be viewed via the viewer. Due to the development process, the viewer will be briefly unavailable; its re-release is scheduled for November.