Beheer database/ICT projecten

De Stichting NMD wil staan voor een goede en robuuste database. Dit vraagt om continue aandacht voor de kwaliteit en gebruiksvriendelijkheid ervan.


Stichting NMD has come a long way in the past several years. We’ve seen enormous growth in both the size and functionality of the database.

In 2022, after critical analysis, we had come to the conclusion that our database has out-grown the software and changes were needed to ensure the quality and further growth of the NMD.

After extensive market research, a new software developer, Fluxility, was brought in, and took on the assignment to migrate the database to a new architecture design.

Around the end of 2022, StichtingNMD put out a public European tender for a long term partner to develop and maintain the database and software. The tender has been finalized in February 2023 and Fluxility from Zoetemeer won the bid.

Data migration

In August 2022, the database was migrated from the server of our old software provider to the server of Fluxility. Measures were put in place to ensure a smooth and glitch-free transition.

A deep analysis was performed to understand the structure of the old database and a road map was laid out for further development.

New data model

In the beginning of 2023, we had some extensive discussions with LCA and building experts. With their inputs, a new data model was created by Fluxility. The new model is a lot more efficient and future prove. We also see a significant improvement in processing speed with the new database.


One major shortcoming of the old database is the lack of documentations. This became one of the most important assignments for Fluxility. They are working on documentations of the old database and software. There will also be documentations for every further development along the way.


To encourage innovation and circularity, Stichting NMD provided a portal to view the database and the environmental impact of various construction products. The old viewer was a welcome addition but we want to improve the quality and functionality of it. Thus Fluxility is also assigned to develop a new version of the viewer. The new viewer will have a modern user interface and display accurate and quality data of construction products. The project doesn’t end there. Multiple improvements and feature drops are planned for the future.

New Input portal

The input portal is where LCA experts can upload the environmental impact of a product to the NMD. A complete overhaul in 2023 is planned for the input portal. The new portal will have a user-friendly interface and the process will be divided into several steps to ensure a more streamlined operation.

The new input portal will also feature real time feedback. LCA experts will be able to observe in real time what gets inputted into the database. This will provide more clarity and also makes it easier to spot errors.

More to come

At Stichting NMD, we see the iCT development as a long term endeavour. Many more projects are on the drawing board, like a validation module, a new review module, tools for impact analysis and database management, to name a few. We are ambitious and excited for the new development. That being said, we do not want to rush it. A good quality foundation is important and we are taking it one step a time.