NMD corporate style elements

You can use the following form to request download links from the National Environmental Database corporate style elements.

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Stichting NMD is exclusive copyright holder of the following logo:
registered with the Benelux-Bureau for Intellectual Property under number 1400024.
Stichting NMD gives companies whose products are included in the National Environmental Database (NMD) permission to use the above logo, under the conditions stated below.

1. In using the logo, the company agrees that these conditions of use apply.

2. The logo may be used on environmental performance declarations of materials, construction products and construction installations of which Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) environmental data are included in the NMD and that refer to the associated unique product coding in the NMD.

3. The company can decide which environmental performance declaration design they use.

4. The use of the logo:
a. should directly relate to the LCA environmental data supplied by the company for inclusion in the NMD;

b. should not in any way harm the public’s confidence in the logo, NMD and/or NMD;

c. is only permitted in the exact colours and ratios as in the logo depicted above. Nevertheless, the logo may also be depicted in black and white;

d. may not give the impression that the company is the logo copyright holder;

e. may not give the incorrect impression that all products made by the company are included in the NMD;

f. must comply with additional instructions for use issued by NMD.

5. When using the logo on a website, the company should state (for example on the page containing legal information) that the logo is a ‘logo from Stichting Bouwkwaliteit and is being used with its consent’ (or words of a similar meaning).

6. At NMD’s initial request, the company should provide NMD with all relevant information relating to the way in which these conditions for use have been met.

7. NMDis authorised to change these conditions and will announce these changes on its website.

8. Dutch law applies to these conditions of use. Any disputes may be presented to the court in The Hague.